Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"...looking for the good side of this so-called stimulus bill, is like saying you will pick up a turd from the clean end". From my friend Bonnie, I couldn't have said it better!

I can't believe I drive a van!!!

It should be I STILL can't believe I drive a van!! I always said, "I will NEVER drive a van!!" That is one of the many "I will NEVER..." I have said over my vast lifetime of 38 years. Hopefully as I have grown wiser I try to say, "I don't think I will ever." Nevertheless, I have to say for the time being the van has served me well. I can't think of another vehicle I would rather have right now. With 3 kids, Jake-9, Jackson-8 (tomorrow 2-18), and Raymie-5, it serves me well. I love the doors! I never have to worry that they will open a door and ram another car, not that other people worry about that with my van. We travel alot in my van so it carries a ton and we all ride comfortably. The best part is while traveling with the kids and they have to go to the bathroom- pull over the side of the road, pop the door, the boys stand in the door and are able to do their business and on the road again and no one has gotten out of the van. It gets a little difficult with Raymie... We didn't waste time at a gas station where we all have to get out and waste time finding a snack. Sad but true, we have spent $10 on junk before at a gas station. It is sad when Jackson will say, "Moma, I am hungry- is there a gas-station around?"

The worst thing is going out with the girls to some hip, cool place and your feeling all young, cool, and hip to walk out and see the "Van". If that is not reality thrown in your face. Not that my reality is bad it is just shocking since I NEVER thought I would drive a van! Oh, I hate to valet park the van, just not!

However, my van has 132,000 miles, 5 years old and I am not getting rid of it anytime soon. I can't think of another vehicle I want right now that would serve me as well. I just wish it were cleaner!!!